This online space shares all things about my yoga offerings and passions that ignite my glow within.

Yoga experiences, teachings, travel and life explorations, motherhood and navigating me.

You will find the ups and downs of my discoveries, discoveries that guide, empower and shape me.

A note on purpose

To live a life that uncovers my highest potential, to share, learn and work with inspiring people, to show up true to myself and forever evolving to fulfil all the corners of heart. 

I seek to hold this online space for community; a community to navigate this rich life with.

One is never alone

xo Lauren



Just a regular woman, who is crazy about discovering my potential and passions in this life, through nurturing a healthy body, mind and soul.

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Taking Action

Ready to indulge in my thought space? I hope it will yearn your curiosity to ponder, reflect or better yet, to experience something new or simply just to acknowledge that you are never alone.  

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