These days I like to call myself a Wellbeing Explorer and if your curiosity brought you over here - it is more than likely that you are one too!

I choose to be one to ensure that within each day I get the best out of me and this life. 

To loosely define a Wellbeing Explorer - they are whatever you would like them to be! Because WE directly influence our happiness. And a wellbeing explorer aims to do just that.

In fact, all it takes is working daily towards being, a 'well-being’! You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain. And it is through wellbeing explorations that we can achieve this.

Aiming to achieve a happy, healthy more vibrant you - the very BEST version of you, also requires no qualifications and zip experience! How refreshing is that! 

So it is here, within this Thought Space, that I am committed to ensuring that you (and I) receive the inspiration that we need to make wellbeing exploration a part of our daily lives; a bit like green smoothies for some.

Below are some internal reminders that ‘blip’ on my spirit radar when my wellbeing explorations are positively fuelling my life, or better yet - they are shouting out to me - "Lauren! This is a passion you need to explore more!"  

My wellbeing exploration.....

  • Challenges me in some way (big or small) to adapt, be still, realise, overcome, and/ or to progress
  • Makes me walk away feeling energised, clear, on top of my game and often standing 2 cms taller!
  • Makes my cheeks sore; because I've been laughing or smiling for too long 
  • Sends me straight back to my diary to schedule time to do it again, or I factor it in as a daily need
  • Helps me to find the ’silver lining’ in situations that aren’t unfolding in my favour
  • Leaves me coming away and saying to myself, or my friend - "OMG! I am so doing that again!”
  • Leaves me that night, in reflection, with feelings of gratefulness flowing through my mind and heart 
  • Prevents that ‘run in’ that I usually have with a colleague, or friend - suddenly I find a new way to ‘meet in the middle’ 
  • Gets me one step closer to what it is that I am trying to achieve 
  • Leaves me rushing to get home to read, learn and talk all about it; and 
  • Leaves me feeling like I've spent an hour ‘exploring’ - I look at my watch and 3 hours just went by.

But most importantly of all, my wellbeing explorations make me feel nourished, light and calm in body, mind and heart - and yes I do believe these are all possible at once! 

And just in case you aren’t certain whether you’ve had a wellbeing ‘exploration’ in a while….. check out my events gallery to see if we have a few in common!

I’d love to know what’s on your list to explore?

Or what 'blips’ appear on your spirit radar!

On my leaving note - if you take anything away today, let it be that you pin, share or rehash this post image in agreement! I'd love your help to build this community.

'Til next time, keep wandering 

xo Lauren