As I venture and uncover on this journey, there are a number of personal characteristics that become clearer on my path. One of them just so happens to be the strongest.  And today I would like you to meet her.

She has a light and a dark side; and at the best of times she has helped me to deliver quality work that I am most proud of. 

But most of the time she tends to let me down. 

Please allow me to introduce you to ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes.’ Also known as Miss Perfectionist. Do you know her?!

Call me crazy - but I named her to separate her from me, particularly when I need to kindly ask her to leave, when I don’t need her around. 

I may be coming across a bit ‘hard' on Miss Goody Two Shoes, but let me share why.

As I explore and uncover, I learn more each day that perfectionism surpresses personal transformation, growth and hinders the potential for new life experiences.

WHOA big statement I know! 

I have strongly ‘danced’ with her over the years and have found that she often leaves me sitting in the shadows, procrastinating profusely, inducing fear and doubt within and she just loves to prevent me from realising all that I can be. Opportunities and explorations have piled high, ticked over and stress levels have remained high for days, sometimes weeks on end. 

On the light side, she does bring a focus on quality, a settling for nothing less than ordinary and a great sense of pride when I achieve. But it can come at an expense; being left drained of nervous energy, emotionally and physically exhausted - out of fuel. 

Miss Goody Two Shoes is always there; but she loves to hang around when I am called on to share knowledge or put myself out there. At her best, she prevents me from trying and exploring new things, living and working outside my comfort zone, learning new skills and sometimes even when I am attempting to meet new people!

She is within me and I somehow created her. When and why I don’t know, but I have an awareness for her now and I am conscious of the precious time and learning that she is keen to take. 

These days Miss Goody Two Shoes and I are learning to get along - well, we are making progress! Because at the end of the day; she makes up who I am, and today I am comfortable in this skin.

Being aware of her helps me to stay present and mindful of my experiences. She now encourages me to say ‘yes’ to new adventures and opportunities that align with my passions..… because when we work together my fuel tank sits above empty.  

Thank you Miss Goody Two Shoes, new experience just gained. 

XO Lauren