Creating a Sacred Space - to just SIT

A 'Sacred Space', image and inspiration for this post found at  

A 'Sacred Space', image and inspiration for this post found at 

A Sacred Space is a 'destination' you can be mindful at, a quiet spot in your home where you 'take 5', tune in, a retreat where you just be - not do. You can escape to it to restore balance, foster a calm state of mind and most importantly for me, to re-energise. 

In light of Mindful in May starting this Friday, I wanted to share a few tips on creating a 'sacred space' for your meditation exploration.

Creation of such a space can encourage you to return to it each day or any given moment when you find you need time to 'catch your breath'. Before long you may find you crave it.  If you have lil' ones it can be a space where you share quiet time together.

A few tips to create your Sacred Space

Please bare in-mind — your space does not require the following items for you to sit.  None of the below are essential to practising meditation or mindfulness! I am most certain that the traditional yogis' just placed their little tushes straight on their home soil. 


  • Pick a place near a window, a quiet corner of your home, beside your bed or a spot where natural light pours in. You may even have a space outside, under a tree, on the deck.
  • Where possible, make this place free of clutter and loud noise so you can minimise distractions; a spot that allows your energy to flow freely, one that instills a sense of calm.


  • Find a comfy floor pillow or meditation cushion for you to perch upon 
    • I like a variety of options, dependent on my moment I like to swap between being seated on a yoga block in virasana, lying on my back or sitting on a floor cushion, legs crossed.
    • An arm chair can be perfect for that book escape or a 15 minute nap, or simply just to feel the warmth of the sun on your face, or the rain coming down. 
    • If you are using a chair for meditation, ensure you sit comfortably with your spine straight and are not tempted to sink back in to the chair for a nap
  • A light blanket to wrap around your shoulders; as your nervous system begins to settle you may find that your body becomes cool.
  • A lamp, to create a calming, soft mood, the light not too strenuous on the eyes.  


  • Surround yourself with things that have a precious place in your heart, this can encourage you to return to it, calm you if you’re frazzled or to help set an intention for your mindfulness.
    •  A candle, photos of loved ones, crystals, oracle/ angel cards, flowers, trinkets from special moments, gods/ goddesses that bring you guidance, dream catchers, favourite quotes
  • Burn a scented candle, oil or incense that is both subtle, calming and uplifting
    • Frankincense, sandalwood or rose can create a warming atmosphere

Working in a corporate space

Whilst working in a corporate space; I often created a similar feel at my desk. 

Often there would be moments of frustration, stress, tiredness - but when I surrounded myself with precious things, I was able to concentrate on them to still and calm my mind; re-energising for a couple of minutes.  

Need some inspiration, check out my Sacred Space pinterest board.  

Pinterest is a favourite past time of mine to browse beautiful photos and visualise dreams (for like hours)! 

If you have your own 'sacred space', what encourages you to return to it?