Photo by Dan Cooper

Photo by Dan Cooper

Not every day is the perfect day, but we can create near perfect moments.

Those perfect moments that you need to draw on when you're in a funk..... because let's be honest there is no time for being in a 'funk'.

Just so we are clear a funk in my world is a bad mood, lack of clarity or just plain old tiredness! And when this over active mind, doesn’t stop for it's body, the funk arises more often than I like! 

So I created a list of rituals that I call on when a bad mood 'finds' me, I can’t clear my mind or I am just plain old grumpy. 

Step 1 - Take a moment, take a large inhale, followed by a long exhale, acknowledge that you are in a funk and what you are currently doing is not shifting it!

Step 2 - Pick a tried and tested ritual and apply it - NOW (ritual = fav 'pick me up')

Step 3 - If after 15 minutes the funk hasn't left - repeat Step 2 with a new ritual!

Step 4 - Thank yourself for creating a list to draw on when the funk hits again - unfortunately they do!

My go to 'Get Me out of that funk rituals!'

  • Pour my little heart out… journal and journal some more. Until I feel light, calm, at ease and nothing left to say 
  • Fix myself a cup of coffee (or tea), grab my book and run a bath
  • Ask for a hug, a long one, one with effort behind it 
  • Call a soul sister and hit a favourite cafe or head for a walk
  • Take 5 - burn an uplifting oil, layout my mat, put on a guided meditation track and get down on my back, close my eyes and breath
  • Play anything by Colbie Caitlet, Deva Premal or Shake it by Tailor Swift

JUST A TIP - Try not to remove the funk with chocolate, foods that don't nourish your body or someone who doesn't lift you up - you might just create another one.

Go on don’t wait for the next bad mood - write your rituals today! Or one better - be proactive; build these in to your week so you beat the funk before it decides to hit!

Download your FREE FUNK List for the diary or fridge! 

What do you turn to? I’d love to hear yours!

XO Lauren