Lavender Oil - Not Just Your Nana's Favourite!

Fresh lavender at Lavendula, Hepburn Springs, Victoria - one of my favourite spots from home

Fresh lavender at Lavendula, Hepburn Springs, Victoria - one of my favourite spots from home

Normally when one hears or smells lavender the mind may automatically jump to "oh that reminds me of a Nana!" And in some ways I don’t have a problem with that! It takes me back to my time with my Nan and it certainly brings a smile to my face.

Most people familiar or even somewhat familiar with essential oils know that Lavender is a great staple to have due to it's endless number of uses. It work’s a treat on the temples to promote sleep and settle a restless body and mind (might I add, the latter very tried and tested by me).

I'd like to share a few more tips that you may not have come across, tips that I have collected along my travels with Lavender oil - because it really should be more than just Nana's favourite.

If one of the below gets you over the line and you wish to purchase Lavender Oil, please make sure you read to the end before you purchase. 

Mum, baby, male, female, yogi - please read on…..

Feeling lately that your hair is a bit on the dry side?

Add 1-2% of Lavender Oil to your new shampoo bottle (choose a shampoo that is natural, non-fragranced and non-detergent for best results) 

Teething child?

For temporary relief add 1 drop to 10 ml of carrier oil* gently apply to the jawline, upper neck and cheeks

Fresh smelling towels for the husband?

Add 3-6 drops on a piece of cloth and add to your load in the tumble dryer

Breastfeeding Mum with sore nipples?

Mix 1 drop of lavender with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and apply between feeds. Prior to feeding wipe off also using coconut oil. 

Fellow yogi in need of calming

Spend 15 minutes on the yoga mat for some yin or relaxation; place 1 drop at the foot of your mat to breath in when those long holds are becoming intense and when you are seeking a way out

Fellow stressed out colleague?

A stressful day at the office, or an interview tomorrow that you are not quite ready to face? Drop 3-5 drops in a warm bath and let that body of yours soak in all its soothing goodness

There are so many more than these 6 uses; skin conditions, stomach concerns, anti-bacterial needs - just a few more to add to the list of its 101 uses.

If you are keen to purchase, I do use Young Living Oils which are 100% therapeutic grade oils. I use a therapeutic grade to ensure it is of the highest, purest quality and form.  

And just to be sure its pure — look out for the 100% Pure Essential Oil label and/ or the name in fine print Lavendula Angustifolia.

Please note this post is not a sponsored post, nor am I an Essential Oil sales rep, just sharing my wellbeing wandering of late (except perhaps for the sore nipples and teething child).

A Carrier Oil? I do recommend Jojoba - ideal for skin and hair. Available at your local health food stores and did I mention it also smells divine.

Anyone out there have a use for Lavender that you don’t often hear?

I’d love for you to share.

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