Hello, I'm Lauren.

Before I hit the detail of sharing with you more about me, I firstly want to say thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to come on over. Life is busy. Having the time to glance on over here leaves me feeling grateful and hopeful that something resonated with you and that reaffirms that we are never alone. 

Of late, I certainly call myself an explorer (sounds better than chaos keeper).

I don't quite have it altogether, but I am an enabler, a fighter, determined, loyal, hardworking and passionate. I have a tendency to jump in quick, or procrastinate to frustration and have never been willing to settle for anything less than perfect.

Like many of us I have had many 'AHA' moments. I have spent countless hours on inspiring blogs, 2am conversations with my mind, pinning the 200th mantra on Pinterest and Instagram and following anything that diverts my attention away from looking within.

My ongoing journey has revealed that life is short….. 

too short to waste time overthinking things that don't aren’t true to me or as I like to say in line with my inner compass. 

One might liken it to a sense of purpose or self-understanding - it keeps my inner compass from swinging too steep back and forth. 

We all, in our own time, want our inner glow to shine fierce and bright, and when confident or have ‘had enough of the enoughs’ we recognise that we must start to make the baby steps.

Yoga for me has been instrumental in this process. 

Both As a corporate woman, mother, friend, wife, daughter, sister and acquaintance.   


So, here I am .....

Transforming, building, uncovering, letting go, bringing forth my inner strength, layer by layer, through yoga, persistence, discovery.  The empowerment and encouragement I receive from community; the sharing of knowledge, stories and open hearts and ears keeps me going. 


I don’t have a blue print for you or me, BUt I am learning to embracE uncertainty, step up and let go.

I do my best to make soul choices, to tune in to my breath and to live a life that is healthy, peaceful, filled with passion, presence and nurturing of my heart, body and mind.

Why? Because that is when I am at my best; for me and those around me.

I am Far from perfect!

I continue to struggle with routine, the creation of new habits and I fall 'off the bike' from time to time. Each time there is a lesson. Each time it gets me closer. 

In most moments I eventually remember that this is all part of the journey, life is moving with the ebbs and the flows and knowing this makes it much easier to get up and try again.


That thing called life…..

In 2014 I left my corporate HR role of 9 years in Melbourne, Australia and took a ‘sabbatical’ in Shanghai with my husband (yes I am very lucky). I spent my time as a student of yoga, teaching and sharing my practice with a little 'HR Lauren' on the side. PLUS a lot of cafe and yoga mat hopping.

In Shanghai I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Miss 'Olive' and built a mumma community based around supporting each other through pregnancy, practising yoga and navigating the transition to parenting and changing of identity in a country far from home.

Today I am back in Melbourne and in January 2019 my family and I will be relocating to Ballarat in support of my husband’s new project. 

I’m looking forward to exploring this new town soon to be called home (I am secretly feeling that this feeling of home will arrive much quicker than I expect).

I do hope to see you over a latte, baby cino or on the mat where I may be fortunate to learn more about your story too.