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Lauren's classes share teachings and practices of yoga that enable and encourage her clients to cultivate acceptance of where they are at, a focus on well-be-ing and progression as appropriate each time one arrives on their mat for practice.

Modifications and variations are provided, Lauren works to the best of her abilities, getting to know her clients, to make yoga accessible to any - body.

Classes are a reminder to connect and notice the 'happenings' in body and mind, explore and build one's inner and outer strength whilst learning to draw upon the yoga practice as a vehicle to navigate life and return home within.

You can expect classes with Lauren to be humble, explorative, safe with alignment cues as appropriate for one’s body, a balance of ease and effort with the opportunity to re-align your inner compass and fill your love tank. 

Practice, Retreat & Workshop offerings

Pre Natal | Post Natal | Beginners | Yin | Restorative & Yoga Nidra

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Classes with Lauren have arrived in Ballarat!

Workshops are held in Melbourne - Events

Classes are suitable from 12 weeks up to baby's arrival  No experience necessary  Small, group classes only

Classes are suitable from 12 weeks up to baby's arrival

No experience necessary

Small, group classes only

Pregnancy yoga 

9 Week Course Blocks @ Eureka Osteo, Ballarat

Current Block starts 22 July 2019 - book

Specialised classes suitable for women in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

I work to cultivate an environment that encourages relaxation, body and breathe awareness, connection to heart, mind and baby and harnessing of inner and outer strength.

The practice includes yoga postures, meditation, relaxation and breath practices, active birth education PLUS a small community of women on a similar journey..... 


  • A safe environment that supports women with pregnancy related contraindications, aches and pains

  • Enables women to centre and connect with the process of pregnancy and this transition of change

  • Assists women to prepare for birth, building their own birth 'toolkit,' preparing mothers physically, mentally and emotionally for birth

  • Creates a conscious awareness of the pregnant body and attends to the discomforts that can arise in pregnancy e.g. back ache, sciatica, insomnia, shortness in breath

  • Instils a path of mindful well-be-ing which can be carried through to parenting

  • A community of women where excitement and fears can be discussed, shared and supported

Classes are suitable from 6 weeks post birth up to 3 years.

Classes are suitable from 6 weeks post birth up to 3 years.

Post natal Yoga coming soon
Mum & Baby + Mums only

Specialised classes that are designed to support mum through the changes that delivering and raising a baby and/ or toddler brings. 

With a focus on re-connecting with your body and mind, classes provide the space and time to strengthen, surrender and nurture - return home.

Modifications are provided meeting you where ever it is that you are on your motherhood journey; mentally, physically and emotionally.  


  • A weekly commitment to creating space in your week to fill up your cup, with the support of a postnatal yoga specialist

  • Relaxation and restorative practices that you can utilise in to your day to day

  • A focus on ease and effort to re-strengthen and relieve common symptoms that mums generally experience as they re-connect with their changing body e.g. pelvic floor, back and upper body aches and soreness, posture, core and body strengthening, emotional, mental and mindful awareness

  • Training of the mind through breath and meditation to instil peace and calm that you can draw upon at any time

  • Time with other mothers on a similar journey without judgement


Gentle flow & Ease

Classes are suitable for clients seeking space to move their body in a connected and mindful way.

Beginners, post natal women or recovering from an illness or injury this class may just be what you are looking for.

Moving slowly and gently with the breath, sequences will be a variation of static poses and flowing sequences coupled with breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices.  

Feel free to share in class what you would like to focus on to make this class best meet your needs.

Private / Semi Private Classes 

It can be really nice to work with someone 1:1 or in a semi private arrangement where you can focus on exploring, developing or supporting a practice that is suitable to your current needs, situation and is specifically planned to meet to your goals that are relevant and important to you.  No goals - no worries, this is something we can loosely discuss and define together.

From one or two classes to a set term arrangement, the accountability to work with someone who is passionate and attentive to your yoga and mindfulness goals can be instrumental in taking small steps that progress through to new habits or desired acceptance and change.

Suitable for transitions in life, injury or illness, pregnancy, post natal, stress, corporate balance or fitness and wellbeing goals.

Lauren's additional skill set is in the Human Resources profession, Lauren understands the demands of corporate settings and can assist you to identify goals that support in greater work life balance and practices to inspire you off the mat and in to your daily life.


Like to talk to Lauren about it & see if it's right for you? 

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